(Sub) Meso-scale dynamics in the Mediterranean Sea

Related projects : MAREMED (LEFE-GMMC , INSU funded)

  • Modélisation Avancée Réaliste En Méditerranée : Approche numérique et expérimentale pour une meilleure description physique des processus et du transport à sub-méso-échelle.
  • One major goal of this project was to assess the ability of usual Ocean General Circulation Model to model small scale processes in a complex coastal zone, featuring islands and strong underwater topographic gradients. The chosen area was the Ile d'OR area in the VAR region (France), featuring protected islands within the Parc National de Port-Cros
  • Below is an animation of the NEMO high resolution configuration used : NIDOR192, for the surface currents for a few days. NIDOR has a horizontal resolution of 400 m and is forced at its boundaries by GLAZUR64 a NEMO configuration at 1.4 km resolution if the north-western Mediterranean. GLAZUR64 itself is forced at is boundaries by PSY2V4R4, a NEMO configuration at 1/12 of a degree of the Atlantic basin including the whole Mediterranean Sea, developped by Mercator-Ocean.

  • Download final report (in french) : (pdf)

  • Recent papers on (sub-)mesoscales

    • Declerck A., Ourmieres Y. and Molcard A. Assessment of the coastal dynamics in a nested zoom and feedback on the boundary current: the North-Western Mediterranean case, 2016. Ocean Dynamics, 66 (11), 1529-1542.
    • Barrier N, Ourmieres Y. and Petrenko A, 2016. Intrusions of the Northern Mediterranean Current on the eastern Gulf of Lion: insights from in-situ observations and high resolution numerical modelling. Ocean Dynamics, 66 (3), p 313-327.