Jellyfish transport

Forecasting jellyfish stranding

  • Massive Jellyfish stranding can cause injuries and environnmental issues. Our projects have led to the development of different tools and expertise to forecast jellyfish tranding in dedicated areas
    We have developped some methodologies to forecast jellyfish stranding, using numerical model (NEMO OGCM mainly) and lagrangian transport models (ARIANE and ichthyop) to simulate virtual particles mimicking the jellyfish path.
  • The projects related to this study are now ended (jellywatch and Medazur), but the methodology used can be found in the publised article below.

    Associated papers on jellyfish transport

    • L. Berline, B. Zakardjian, A. Molcard, Y. Ourmieres and K. Guihou, 2013. Modeling jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca transport and stranding in the Ligurian Sea. Mar. Pol. Bul., 70 (1-2), 90-99.