Managing protected areas and harbour development

  • The project has just started in March 2017. It is a Maritimo Project, with different partners from Italy and France. The official website will be on line soon...
  • Our implication in the project will be to use the Toulon Bay as a unique worksite : it features indeed marine protected areas nearby and dense industrial and navy activity. The main scientific goal for our contribution will be to develop tools allowing to assess the environmental response to the dynamical forcing of the bay, including contaminant transport and fate.
  • Recent papers on related subject

    • Declerck A., Ourmieres Y. and Molcard A. Assessment of the coastal dynamics in a nested zoom and feedback on the boundary current: the North-Western Mediterranean case, 2016. Ocean Dynamics, 66 (11), 1529-1542.
    • Mansui, J., Molcard, A., Ourmieres, Y., 2015. Modeling the transport and accumulation of floating marine debris in the Mediterranean basin. Mar Pol. Bul., 91(1), 249-257.