Current Projects

Regional dynamics

Among present challenges in physicial oceanography, improving the understanding of meso-scale dynamics stands as a major subject. I am interested in bringing better understanding of meso-scale structures dynamics, fate and impact.

Keywords: Meso-scale dynamics , Eddies, Northern Current

Projects: Recurrent project funded by the LEFE-GGMC such as the MAREMED project

Pollutant Transport

Providing effective tools to better understand the fate and the origin of different man-caused pollution such as oil-spills and contaminants

Keywords: Oil spill, lagrangian modelling


Very High Resolution

Understanding very small scale processes through very high resolution ocean modelling.
By using numerical models at very high resolution and confronting the simulations to observations, the aim is to identify flaws of actual models (standards OGCM) to simulate coastal processes or processes at very high resolution (e.g. vertical dynamics)

Keywords: NEMO-GCM, MIT GCM , non-hydrostatic


Plastics in the Ocean

Plastic in the ocean

Keywords: Lagrangian transport, plastic, passive 3D drift

Project: CADOR, 7eme continent

Jellyfish forecast

Massive Jellyfish stranding can cause injuries and environnmental issues. Our projects have led to the development of different tools and expertise to forecast jellyfish tranding in dedicated areas

Keywords:Jellyfish, lagrangian modelling


Search and Rescue

The OSCAR project is directed by the French Department of Maritime Affairs and aim at working on the improvement of the search and rescue protocol. In particular, improved methodologies will be targeted for the objects or man at sea drifting simulations

The project has just started and more will be coming soon...

Keywords:Lagrangian models, search and rescue, drifting objects

On going project OSCAR