My personal opinion is that working everyday to better understand the ocean will be even more efficient if you care about the ocean and practice the ocean... This page is not only about afterwork but also about side-work...

Serious Salt Water

  • During the Cador project, we have released numerous geolocatable floats at river mouths to mimic floating debris in the Hyeres Bay. To deploy these floats, we were using a boat, but during calm days, the cheapest way was by using my stand-up paddle and paddling at defined locations off the river mouth to release them. Science good for health, can you expect better ?

  • Launching with a backpack full of geolocatable floats

  • Paddling off the river mouth...

  • Results obtained for 2 floats : clear pattern of river plume constrained by the North-Est wind of the day.

  • Non-institutional Partners

    When work meets personal commitments...I work with these associations or consortium within different projects
  • A worldwide Environmental Association, fighting against oil spill, floating debris, etc..: Surfrider Foundation
  • Exploring plastic in the ocean , sampling , analysing and providing information on this issue : Expedition 7eme continent
  • Tara expeditions

  • Fun Salt Water

    Afterwork sessions, verifying fluid mechanics concepts...
  • In the air

  • In the surf zone